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The Military Diary 2021 – Pocket Diary

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The Military Diary 2021 is a ‘special interest’ pocket diary featuring aspects of international military history. Articles and data are drawn from Land, Sea and Air domains and the 2021 edition is the thirteenth edition in the Military Diary series.

The 144-page diary is arranged in three sections:

  • An information section with articles, features and data, including some graphics
  • ‘Week to view’ diary portion with daily battle dates
  • World maps section in full colour

The diary has a padded front cover and a page marker ribbon. This year’s information section includes a range of articles and features on matters of military broad historical interest including:

  • War – The Human Cost
  • International Military Manpower
  • Classic Weapons
  • Heroes
  • The Blitz
  • Historic Leaders
  • Battles
  • Daring Air Raids
  • Combat Pilots
  • Military Mavericks
  • Military Theorists

Plus, Mini Calendars, Personal details, Contacts page, Weights and Measures and a full 53 ‘Week-to-View’, Diary section, Notes page, London Underground Map, Page marker ribbon, Notable Dates pages

The Military Diary 2021

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