The Military Diary 2017

Limited edition – SOLD OUT

The Military Diary 2017
sample pages from the military diary 2017

What’s inside
The ‘week-to-view’ diary portion features two historic military battle or event dates drawn from international military history, highlighted by Land, Sea, Air and event symbols on each day of the year. The extensive military features section contains original articles on various aspects of historic military interest (with illustrations), including:

o War – The human cost (Casualty data from historic battles)
o Famous military theorists
o Military Leaders
o War Art
o International defence spending
o War Poems
o Military Quotations
o Historic Battles
o Military Manpower
o Wars
o World Air Forces
o Infamous Mutinies
o Full-year calendars 2017 & 2018, monthly calendars, Personal Notes page, notable dates throughout the year, Weights & Measures, Contacts page and Maps.
o Gilt-foil page edges, metal cover corners and a marker ribbon.

The 2017 edition of ‘The Military Diary’ is the ninth in the Military Diary series, and shares the popular format of its predecessors with both diary and military interest sections.